Healthy Garden Lecture Series

Lay Summary 

Lecture series taking place at the Botanical Gardens. Lectures include:

The Perennial Garden
With the Friends of the Gardens' spring plant sale just days away, we'll start with a walk through the flower gardens to visit the perennial plantings and cover a range of perennials that will give season-long colour, a diversity of heights, colours and form. Garden pests, diseases, minimizing and avoiding pesticide use, as well as year-round maintenance will also be covered. Be prepared to go outside.

Gardening With Ericaceae: Rhododendrons, Heathers and More
Newfoundland is one of the few areas in Canada where rhododendrons, heathers and other acid-loving plants can be successfully grown with proper care and preparation. They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. Learn all about proper site location, soil requirements, planting, care, maintenance, winter preparation and recommended varieties to try in your own garden.

Preventive Health Strategies for Your Garden
This evening workshop will take place both in the classroom and the flower gardens. We will look at developing a healthy landscape as a way of minimizing pesticide use. Emphasis will be placed on good garden maintenance, nutrition and the recognition of early signs of problems before they grow to major spray jobs. We will also briefly review how we use and sometimes abuse pesticides to cure and sometimes cause problems, as well as the range of pesticides available, their toxicity, their applications and their alternatives.

Identifying Pests, Diseases and Damage
Following summer, we will look at the bugs and diseases that affected your garden and MUN Botanical Garden. We will look at strategies for treating the problems as well as the successes and failures of those strategies. Be sure to bring any unusual bugs and critters that you would like to have identified.

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