Power System Security Assessment and Enhancement

Lay Summary 

Electric energy supply is one of the basic requirements of modern society. We depend so much on the secure and reliable supply of electric energy that we often take it for granted. Just turn on a switch and we expect the lights to come or the microwave oven to work. However, the tasks to ensure the reliable supply of electric energy are challenging.

Electric utilities face unexpected operational conditions. Equipment has to be taken out for maintenance. In addition there are difficulties in building new power lines or generating resources. As a result, current power systems are operating close to their limits. We remember the blackout in Ontario and North Eastern USA in August 2003. This happened during a hot summer day when the demand was very high.

This calls for innovative tools that can be incorporated in the control centre of the utility to ensure that customers continue to receive electrical energy whenever they require it. The area of computational intelligence offers a practical solution to this problem.

The focus of the research is to investigate different methods and develop tools that will be useful in knowing the security level of the power system and to implement strategies to enhance the security of the power system.

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