Employment for older workers and developing age-friendly workplaces


Newfoundland and Labrador's population is rapidly aging. People are living longer than ever before and as a result, are choosing or needing to work longer than previous generations. As the povince faces a dwindling labour force, older workers stand to grow as an important demographic in the workforce in the coming years. This will require a shift in thinking for employees and employers alike. Some questions we must seek to answer to best meet the needs both employees and employers:

How do we empower older workers to obtain work? What are the main challenges facing older workers in seeking and maintainating employment? How can employers support older workers and develop age-friendly work places? 

Older workers NL, an organization that seeks to advocate for senior workers in Newfoundland and Labrador is seeking to collarborate with employers and researchers that are interested in learning more and working with older workers. 


Brokered Project:

Older Wroker's Summit

Start date 
1 Sep 2018