The Least Possible Baggage: About Walking

Lay Summary 

This is a one hour radio documentary done for CBC Radio's Ideas Show in 2004. It includes a number of different stories related to walking but the ones that relate to this province are a section about the Take Back the Night Walk in St. John's, one about Elizabeth Penashue's walk in traditional Innu hunting areas of Labrador and discussion of the East Coast Trail and issues of public access to the coast. The CBC blurb for the program said: "Elizabeth Yeoman presents an ode to the joys of walking. A good, long walk nourishes the mind and heals body and soul. It might even change the world."

Faculty of Education
CBC Radio
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador
Women's Issues
Parks and Natural Areas
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Broadcasting (except Internet)
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1 Jan 2004