Grenfell Math Circles

Lay Summary 

Grenfell Math Circles is a university and school engagement program. Each semester, a faculty or staff member from Grenfell's math program presents a fun, interactive math lecture, primarily for high school and university students. Parents, teachers, Grenfell faculty and staff, younger students, and other community members are also welcome to attend! The program provides a few prizes and free food from Treats.

These talks will introduce the audience to topics in mathematics that are not usually seen in high school or early undergraduate courses. Past topics have included Hotel Infinity, The Game of Nim, Brussel Sprouts and Graph Theory, and Pi. Our goal is to provide enrichment, to increase communication between the university and high schools, and, most importantly, to have fun with math!

The idea for Grenfell Math Circles came from an outreach program at Dalhousie University called Nova Scotia Math Circles.

This project has engaged the Grenfell Campus community with great success, and plans are in progress to expand the program to include visits to local high schools.

Up-to-date information on this program can be found at the project website:

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1 Jan 2013