Barriers to Entry: Sexism in the workplace is very real, here's what you can do about it

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Article for Atlantic Business Magazine, January 2017

From biased perceptions about behaviour and advancement in the office to larger, pervasive issues such as the wage gap and balancing career with gendered family expectations, there is an extensive body of research to show how women continue to experience inequality and structural barriers in many aspects of their work lives. What’s worse, women are often expected to confront these issues, at personal risk and stress, without anyone demanding changes to the institutions that allow the barriers to fester in the first place. Despite progress in gender quality, it’s naive — and invalidating to women— to think that sexism isn’t a salient force affecting women’s advancement and success as business owners and leaders. Here we identify a very few of the many barriers, but more productively, we offer some strategies to overcome them as well.

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador
Women's Issues
Start date 
1 Nov 2016
End date 
31 Jan 2017