Rare Earth Element Deposit in Strange Lake Area, Northern Labrador

Lay Summary 

The remote Strange Lake area in northern Labrador contains a world-class Rare Earth Element (REE) deposit; REE's are strategic minerals used in a variety of "High Tech" applications ranging from computer/smart phone screens to super magnets. This project has two main aims; the first is to examine the mineralogy of the deposit using sophisticated mineral mapping technologies at Memorial University. The second, and potentially most significant, aim is to develop a regional exploration tool for REE's that correlates mineral mapping data from surface sediments around the deposit (samples collected from the field and measured in a laboratory) and deposit mineral data with satellite spectral imaging.  The concept is that, in the Strange Lake area, the combined signals of the two techniques (mineral mapping data and satellite imagery) can be used to detect indicator minerals from the source rocks hidden beneath sediment debris, essentially pointing to REE mineralization. If successful, the techniques can be applied elsewhere in Labrador in the search for REE and other types of mineralization. This project is a collaboration between RDC, Memorial University, the Nunatsiavut Government (NG), and the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies. The intent is also to build geological knowledge capacity in the NG.

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Start date 
31 Aug 2016
End date 
31 Oct 2018
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Nunatsiavut Government