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VART 3929, Extended Site Fall 2017, Visual Arts Program, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland

SITE/SIGHT: Extended Site was a visual arts research, fieldwork, and studio course, in which students immerse themselves in a specific site as a departure point for their work. In so doing, the course highlights the ability of contemporary art practices to digest site, transfer knowledge, and communicate place. With such an intent, this course addresses the act of looking and response— the potential for art to critique, to make emotional, to decolonize, all the while asking: what is the nature of a respectful sight within a given site? What is your relationship to the site and how does it impact your sight?

THE SITE, 2017: Gros Morne National Park, and the Bonne Bay Marine Station
During our stay in the National Park, we were based at the Bonne Bay Marine Station, an important research facility for scientists, geologists, and biologists who travel here from around the world to collect data and research the land and sea. We engaged in fieldwork and data collection, but through the lens of contemporary art practices and visual culture. While staying at the centre, the laboratories transformed to studios; upon returning to Grenfell, the studios transformed to laboratories— sites of experimentation, play, research, mining, and minding. Visiting artists were invited to respond to our community in their practice, and to speak about their own community engaged work to students. Eric and Mia created an ephemeral public art piece in the community of Norris Point— now this work will be exhibited in summer 2018 at the Woody Point Discovery Centre Gallery, where the project will reach thousands of visitors from all over the world. Back in the studios, students completed independent projects in response to Gros Morne National Park.

Grenfell Visual Arts Students: Marshall Borland, Emma Burry, Emily Clark, Katie Dicks, Emily Hayes, Ashley Hemmings, Charlotte May Hobden, Tyrone Kelly, Bailey MacPhee, Hannah Nott, Justin Nelson, Drew Pardy, Brian Park, Kathryn Shave, Kelsey Street

Grenfell Visual Arts Faculty: D’Arcy Wilson

Guest Faculty/Visiting Artists: Calgary-based Mia Rushton and Eric Moschopedis (Mia and Eric)

Creative Gros Morne: Katherine Knight helped to connect our class and visiting artists with the Creative Gros Morne Community

Visiting Speakers from our community: Tom Cochrane (Director, Old Crow Magazine), Diana Chisholm (Local Artist in Corner Brook), Lindsay Bird (CBC, Journalist in Corner Brook)

Visiting Speakers from away: Mark Engstrom, Deputy Director of Collections and Research (Royal Ontario Museum), via video conference

This course, artist residency, and public engagement opportunity would not have been possible without the support of the Bonne Bay Marine Station (and in particular Allison Eaton, Laurie Picard-Haycock, and Jocelyn Payne), The Visual Arts Program and the School of Fine Arts at Grenfell Campus, A MUN Cross-Campus initiative Fund, a GO Engagement grant, support from the Office of Engagement at Grenfell Campus, the Navigate Entrepreneurship Centre, the collaboration of artists Eric and Mia, the logistical support of Creative Gros Morne, and the Visual Arts students who took a chance on this new curriculum.

For more information, please visit our class Blog Page: www.thirtydaysofthegoodbay.com

Visual Arts
Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
Gros Morne National Park
Bonne Bay
Corner Brook
Newfoundland and Labrador
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1 Sep 2017
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10 Dec 2017