Tangled Threads/Fil entremêlés Video Project

Lay Summary 

This project involves the production of six, short videos that accompany the museum exhibition, Tangled Threads/Fil entremêlés.

Available through public access, the videos will provide additional historical sources and information related to the topic of clothing at the International Grenfell Association's mission premises in Northern Newfoundland and coastal Labrador. The videos, which can stand alone or be played consecutively in a series, will provide exhibition viewers with a wide assortment of historical photographs and additional information, and they are accompanied by an original score composed specifically for the video series.

The videos provide addition information about the International Grenfell Association's clothing exchange. It provides details about the 'slip system' and volunteer workers' clothing, and information about Grenfell cloth, which was specially manufactured for Grenfell and in support of the IGA. It also details the IGA's transnational connections.

Intended to be viewed with the exhibition, Tangled Threads/Fil entremêlés, the videos are suitable for those want to know more about the IGA and who want to access this information in an accessible format.

Start date 
31 Jan 2018
End date 
31 May 2018