Makerspaces in Museums and Galleries for Intergenerational Learning

Lay Summary 

This collaborative project explores creativity and digital literacies through a makerfaire and aims to introduce preservice teachers to the integration of makerspaces within community centres like museums, libraries, galleries, and science centres. Spaces like these focus on hands-on learning, interaction with real materials, and intergenerational participation in a community context. At this event preservice teachers will work with artists at The Rooms and Geo Centre to develop makerstations for students and their parents to celebrate cultural heritage, recognize diversity, and explore social entrepreneurship.

This project accomplishes four distinct goals:
1. It develops innovative concepts that can be applied to early learner’s literacy and creativity in makerspaces in community spaces such as museums, libraries, galleries, science centres using digital literacy and creative skills in makerspaces.
2. The makerfaire leads to policy and practice insights in the field of early learning literacies. It also leads to understanding about how makerspaces in museums, libraries, galleries, and science centres can offer distinct learning opportunities.
3. This event provides our partners the opportunity to how to effectively work with young children to develop and utilize models and creative spaces, like makerspaces, to explore different aspects of culture and civic engagement.
4. This partnership continues to strengthen the growing partnership between Memorial, the Johnson Geo Centre, and The Rooms in support of more innovative research opportunities in the field of education through public spaces.

Start date 
1 Dec 2018
End date 
15 Jun 2019