Biogeochemistry of Serpentinizing Systems

Lay Summary 

The process of serpentinization may be able to support life in our solar system and beyond. Detecting life at sites of serpentinization requires the ability to find serpentinization sites and detect biosignatures. In this project, we will make advances in these areas by studying methods of serpentinized spring detection, and identifying biosignatures in the system here on Earth. We will develop laboratory methods, test and calibrate the methods at a field site, and then deploy the methods to find new spring(s) at a different site, and then validate the findings through field work. This project will include data collection from orbital and suborbital platforms, and ground based campaigns to validate conclusions drawn from remote sensing data processing.

Earth Sciences
Physics and Physical Oceanography
Newfoundland and Labrador
Start date 
31 Aug 2018
Partner Organization 
Spatial Data Management