Enhancing engagement of TESL NL stakeholders on pressing issues

Lay Summary 

The project aims to build on what TESL NL has achieved in the year 2020 and further strengthen the Association’s capacity by addressing several important issues, such as anti-Asian/Black/Islamic racism, ESL teachers’ and newcomer students’ challenges in the COVID time, stakeholders’ concerns in hiring ESL teachers, and ESL teacher certification and education programs in NL, among others. The project will engage stakeholders at three levels: Newcomer learners, ESL teachers, and educational bodies and newcomer support communities through a number of activities, such as monthly meetings, special topic workshops, annual conference, video and written contests.

TESL NL boosted the morale of its members by holding monthly meetings, an Anti-Black Racism forum, and a virtual conference in 2020. The conference, with the support of a COVID-19 Quick Start Grant, was a huge success with over 175 participants, who offered high compliments and wished to see the session videos and papers published, which will be fulfilled.

Building on last year’s achievements, TESL NL aims at strengthening the Association’s capacity by bringing together three levels of stakeholders and addressing some serious issues. The three levels of stakeholder are: the newcomer learners, the TESL professionals, and the educational bodies and newcomer support communities. The themes that will be addressed include: anti-Asian, anti-Black, and anti-Islamic racism; ESL teachers’ and students’ challenges in the COVID time; stakeholders’ concerns in hiring ESL teachers, and ESL teacher certification and education programs in NL, among others. Speakers will be invited from all relevant sectors.

We will engage learners by holding another student video contest, inviting them to write stories for TESL NL Newsletters, and speaking at our themed workshops concerning newcomer challenges in the COVID time. Students will receive training on writing and speaking.

We will engage ESL teachers and TESL professionals by holding monthly meetings, themed workshops, and an annual conference, through which they are able to voice their concerns, share their insights, and present their work. They will be invited to publish their stories in TESL NL Newsletters and speak at the themed workshops.

We will engage decision making stakeholders such as the school district, Department of Education, NLTA, Association for New Canadians, and ESL Department at MUN to discuss their hiring challenges of ESL teachers and their needs in ESL teacher certificate and education programs. Their views will be shared with the Faculty of Education for needs-based program development.

Faculty of Education
Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
Newfoundland and Labrador
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Educational Services
Start date 
1 Apr 2021
End date 
31 Mar 2022
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