Keepers and Champions of NL Folklore Nature Stories: Embracing community stewardship through augmented story-crafting technology

Lay Summary 

This project involving our Memorial University community, Heritage NL and the Newfoundland &
Labrador School Board, considers how the Botanical Garden can be an innovative site for cultural nature
stories designed specifically for children. These stories will be combined with mobile devices, using
innovative digitally augmented story-crafting technology. The project recognizes how the supportive
narratives of literacy, art and science can be combined with an understanding of traditional land-based
learning. Stories focused on land-based learning, encompassing local folklore and augmented
technologies, will provide an animated and interactive means to immerse children in solving ecological
issues and challenges. The Botanical Garden fosters a sense of place where the public can engage in
playful learning, one that is challenging, embraces sustainability, and invites creativity to inspire
ecological vision.
Our primary objectives:
1. Economic support though conversations which engage key stakeholders who use the Botanical
2. Considerations of how cultural heritage and traditional knowledge and story-telling can be considered
through augmented reality platforms.
3. Creating experiences at the Botanical Garden that can be replicated to widen the connections and
garden experience to rural areas, using their own local environment and folklore with children storycrafting
these experiences for public sharing and engagement.

Start date 
12 Apr 2021
End date 
1 Oct 2021