:Augmenting Reality: Enhancing the Reach of Visual Art and Literacy

Lay Summary 

In this project, MUN and The Rooms will co-host a public engagement conference focused on Immersive
Storytelling to explore and incorporate AR and VR possibilities for visual artists, craftspeople, filmmakers,
gaming and educational platforms. . The conference will build the capacity of creative industries ensuring
that artists and educators are central to the digital design process. The speakers at the conference will
draw from areas of expertise in mobile, interactive, digital, distributed and immersive technologies that
develop develop digital literacies for artists as well as students of Memorial. Several events engage the
general public as well as families and the entrepreneurs and small start up companies.
Due to travel restrictions related to Covid-19, the in-person presentations, lectures and workshop
sessions will be led by local experts and comply with public health orders.

Start date 
3 May 2021